Those old electronics gathering dust in your basement can actually be worth a lot of money. Even if it’s super old or broken, there’s going to be someone who wants it. So dig out that box full of old phones and computer parts and see if you can make some cash.

1. Trade it in

If you’re upgrading to a new phone soon and you don’t need to keep your old one, check out its trade-in value with your carrier. If your old phone is one of the more in-demand models, you’re going to get more money.

Many carriers also have promos that get you more for your trade in if you’re purchasing a certain phone or trading in a certain model. If you keep an eye out for that, you could almost double what you would normally get.

If you have something that’s not a phone, don’t worry. Retailers like Target, GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy offer trade-in value for game consoles, tablets, wearables and more. You don’t have to trade in a smartphone to get some extra money.

Note: Watch for special trade-in offers when new products are rolling out. Last year, for example, Apple made it easy for consumers to trade in their old phones for a credit toward their new iPhone 7.

2. Sell it online

If it’s still in good condition — or even if it isn’t — there’s a market for it online. Amazon Marketplace, eBay and Craigslist are all popular sites to sell on where you can get a decent value. Facebook yard sale groups are also a good place to try and sell things. Apps like LetGo are catching on as well. There really are a ton of places for you to sell your items.

Note: Gadgets aren’t the only things you can sell for cash. Click here for a list of hot-selling items that can help you earn top dollar

And electronics are very popular for buyers. If you have the original charger, box and packaging, they boost the price. Taking well-lit, quality pictures from a variety of angles is also helpful—particularly if your device is in good shape. If it’s a bit beat up, customers can at least see exactly what they’re getting.

People tend to haggle on these sites, so be prepared for that. You don’t want to undervalue what you have, but you also can’t expect to get top dollar for a 4-year-old iPod. Be realistic when you set your prices, and be open to genuine offers from people who are looking to haggle a bit.

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